GBV CONFERENCE Baptist Union of Burundi, through its all of us for the promotion of gender equality in rural communities of North easter of Burundi project funded by Danish Mission Council Development Department, has organized and carried out a National Conference towards GBV stakeholders in Burundi. That was august 12th, 2021 at City Hill Hotel venue in Bujumbura downtown. Its purpose was to share experiences on how to develop a Team Spirit approach, reflect on how to strengthen stakeholders’ strategies in fighting GBV through reinforcing a National Network for more efficiency when coming together in eradicating all forms of GBV. Participants at Communal and Provincial level in Kirundo and Muyinga were Women Forum Leaders, Provincial prosecutors and Focal Points of the Ministry of National Solidarity, Social Affairs Human Rights and Gender, Communal judicial police officers, social workers, some local and national organizations working with UN Agency, involved in Gender Equality promotion. This conference was officially opened by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of National Solidarity, Social Affairs, Human Rights and Gender in Burundi. On behalf of Burundi, this Government official expressed many thanks to Baptist Union of Burundi for its substantial contribution in supporting the Government policy towards fighting and eradicating GBV. He therefore called for other churches ad faith organization to mobilize their resources in this sector so that a human holistic achievement should be achieved when helping communities. For the UEBB, the communication and information technology department, Patrick NDUWIMANA

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