Baptist union of Burundi personnel retreat Baptist union has held a 3 days retreat in KIREMA site, located in KAYANZA Baptist district, where 40 staff members attended it. The purpose of this event was to pause and evaluate their work, review their policies and procedures, and refresh to be dynamized and then, increase the quality of serving the church, the communities and the country they serve. Both the General secretary and the President of Baptist union of Burundi have closed their offices to fully attend the event and take advantage to interact with the staff and moralize them. Capacity built were delivered within subjects related to dynamizing them for a better production in their different services they rend to God. Topics such were: Vision, Mission and Values of Baptist union of Burundi developed by Rev. Silas NTUKAMAZINA, Total holistic transformation by a university lecturer and TURAME Microfinance staff member, The personnel, his rights and duties by both Rev. Jean Jacques MASABO and Me Alexis KUBWIMANA, lecturer at different university of Burundi, The communication, Knowledge, attitudes and practices by Pastor Zacharie MINANI, Theology of labor, church financial management by Rev. Pastor BARADUHAMA Audace, President of Baptist union of Burundi. Trainings were carried out in a full participatory approach. Participants stated to have really gained a lot from this initiative. It ended up by taking a time of meditating on roles and responsibilities to be played by each in his calling to serve our Lord through conforming to national rules and religious ethics related to civil servant, respecting job description, being ambassadors of Baptist union of Burundi where they exercise their diakonia, keep giving full tithes, giving offerings, pay with joy other conventional fees aiming at expanding the Kingdom of our Lord in Burundi and out of Burundi. All having to be done in a holiness manner as nobody will see the Holy King unless he is holy as well. Participants were pleased to attend the retreat and felt revitalized, they agreed to turn weakness into forces, threats into opportunities for a better future of their institution.For UEBB Communication department,Patrick NDUWIMANA .

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